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Thinking Of Opening A Fitness Center? Benefits Of Buying And Renting

One of the most critical factors that a business owner must consider is budget. Besides property maintenance and business fees, you need quality equipment like treadmills, bikes, stair-climbers, ellipticals, and circuit trainers that require tens of thousands of dollars to buy new. If you want to compete with other studios, you must consider the benefits of buying or renting refurbished gym... Read More»

Do You Want To Set Up A Gym In Your Workplace? 5 Reasons To Say Yes

Many companies consider an investment in a workplace gym a benefit that boosts the productivity of employees. According to research, corporations that have a wellness program in-house reduce sick-days by 28% and reduce healthcare spending by $3.27 for every one dollar spent on health and wellness. Other than the exponential financial benefits, here are five more reasons to set up a gym in your... Read More»

How To Get The Most Out Of A Fitness Studio Design Layout With Refurbished Equipment

Choosing your fitness studio design layout is a critical task that will determine how many clients you have room for. It is crucial to optimize your studio space so that you have room for revenue and growth. The best gyms typically have different types of gym equipment including treadmills, rowing machines, bikes, weight training stations, and exercise balls. There are many options for your... Read More»

5 Reasons To Choose Refurbished Gym Equipment From Fitness Depot Direct

As a fitness center owner, your goal is to provide the best name brands so that your members get the right gym equipment. Those brand names often come with expensive price tags. As you will need a number of each equipment types, choosing refurbished gym equipment from Fitness Depot Direct will allow you to stretch your budget by getting the essentials you need at discount prices. Here are five... Read More»

Starting A Fitness Studio? Here Is How To Get The Fitness Studio Equipment You Need

Are you thinking about starting your own fitness studio or gym and want top-notch equipment? How much money have you set aside in your fitness studio business plan for gym equipment? As quality equipment is pricey, you need to be selective on the pieces you buy first which means you need to make sure you get the top requested gym equipment a fitness studio will need. Price is a factor, so here is... Read More»

Fitness Depot Direct Holiday Guide To Fitness

Are you going to invest in fitness equipment this holiday season? It is the perfect time to get yourself or family healthy and fit by setting new fitness goals. If you are wondering about which equipment strengthens, tones, and builds muscle mass, look at our 2018 Fitness Depot Direct Holiday Guide. Whether your goal is to get physical or boost your physical fitness level, we have the equipment... Read More»

How Much Do You Know About Cardio? Here Is The Equipment You Need

How often do you hear the word ‘cardio’ when you research or begin a new fitness routine? While you might not get everything there is to know about it, you quickly get a sense that it is a critical component that will help you lose weight or get fit and healthy. Experts recommend that you get at a minimum of two and a half hours of cardio to maintain your fitness level and at least 300... Read More»

7 Reasons To Buy Refurbished Gym Equipment From Fitness Depot Direct

Have you been debating buying new or refurbished gym equipment? When it comes to buying or renting, there are plenty of reasons to consider refurbished equipment from Fitness Depot Direct over costly new pieces that may not provide the fitness benefits you or your clients need. Here are seven important reasons to buy refurbished gym equipment over new and costly alternatives. You Will Save... Read More»

7 Ways That Fitness Depot Direct Will Help You Stay Fit This Holiday Season

While you have probably been looking forward to the holiday get-togethers all year long, you most likely hate the weight gain from the scrumptious temptations that go along with it. If you want to enjoy the holiday treats this year while not worrying about day trips to the gym, our used remanufactured gym equipment is just the investment you need right now. Here are seven ways that Fitness Depot... Read More»

Why Our Gym Equipment Refurbishing Process Is Best In Class

There is great discussion online about refurbished fitness equipment. Is it more cost-effective to buy new equipment or refurbished products? If you do not know much about commercial or home refurbished gym equipment, here is why Fitness Depot Direct’s process is best in class. What Is Depreciation Value? Any time you buy an asset new, the value loses a proportionate amount of value as it ages... Read More»