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Gym Design

Fitness Depot Direct are experts in gym space design and layout. From 200 square foot home gyms to 20,000+  square foot corporate gyms…..Fitness Depot Direct does it all.

Gym Design: The 5 Steps

  1. Demographics: Who are your users or what demographic do you fall in? General Fitness, Baby Boomer Fitness, CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, Sports Conditioning, etc….
  2. Function: What will your gyms purpose be? What aspect of training are you focusing on?
  3. Space: Will you have enough space to accommodate the goals for your demographic? Will you have too much space?
  4. Aesthetics: What king of visual statement are you making? Does it appeal to the above?
  5. Budget: What is a realistic budget for the entire project

What We Will Do For You:

  1. Assess the space based on questions above
  2. Put together a layout based on exceptions
  3. Make sure space is functional and safe
  4. Supply only the best value for your space


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