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Refurbishing Process

Our used refurbished gym equipment goes through an intense process to take any type and age of equipment and bring it back to like-new standards.

Our factory refurbishes equipment like new factories build equipment. We just add a few steps in the process to assure our quality control is unsurpassed.

Fitness Depot Direct is the only company in the Rocky Mountains and Mid-West that produces this extraordinary value equipment. Don’t let the imposters fool you! Check them out and then check us out. You won’t be disappointed.

Below is a short list of our Remanufacturing critical elements:

Frames & Finish: All of our equipment frames and metal parts are run through a sandblasting and a powder coating process bring them back to new condition. Want a different color other than the standard? No problem we can customize the metal exterior to your liking.

Motors: Our equipment motors are tested, striped down, diagnosed and rebuilt. This is the muscle behind the function of the unit so we make sure each motor is re-installed in mint condition.

Electronics: The units electronics are tested for putting out to much heat. They are inspected for corrosion. If either of these factors come into play the electronics are replaced. They are the brains that keep the motors working.

Overlays: In order to have a true like-new product it needs to respond like one. We take no chances here. We replace overlays on almost every piece of remanufactured equipment that goes out. Function and response need no hesitation.

Treadmill Belt & Decks: Replaced! Every time, all of the time! Need I say more. A worn deck and belt can cause to much current to be pulled causing all types of problems. That is a risk we will not take.

Plastics & Shrouds: Most of our plastics and shrouds are replaced with new unless they are absolutely mint. We make sure your equipment looks like it operates….Excellent!