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Do You Want To Set Up A Gym In Your Workplace? 5 Reasons To Say Yes

Do You Want To Set Up A Gym In Your Workplace? 5 Reasons To Say Yes

Many companies consider an investment in a workplace gym a benefit that boosts the productivity of employees. According to research, corporations that have a wellness program in-house reduce sick-days by 28% and reduce healthcare spending by $3.27 for every one dollar spent on health and wellness. Other than the exponential financial benefits, here are five more reasons to set up a gym in your workplace to promote healthier and happier workers.

  1. Workplace Health And Wellness

The workplace is a fast-paced environment. Workers need a balanced workplace environment to reduce workplace pressures. Exercise is the best remedy as the brain produces endorphins and serotonin which enhance brain function and promote positivity.

  1. Stress Reduction

Globally, more than one million people call in sick because of workplace-related stress. Most noticeably, workers do not have an outlet to reduce stress. Having a gym in the workplace not only gives workers an outlet to reduce stress, but it also helps employees boost fitness and risk reduction of chronic stress-related illnesses.

  1. Team Work

Teamwork is a major component of a company’s success as interdepartmental collaboration often produces dynamic results. Enjoying a teambuilding yoga or barre class will give you the right blend of high-endurance and relaxation techniques to get workers focused on work-related events. Sharing a class will also motivate teammates to work together rather than feel the burden to compete in the workplace successfully.

  1. Workplace Convenience

Most people work busy schedules that prevent workers from getting to a local gym. For those who are health conscious or want to lose weight, this is problematic because of extended work hours or busy schedules. Having a workplace gym allows workers to come in early, workout during lunch, or wind down at the end of the day. When a worker does not have to travel or worry about time, it motivates workers to use the gym often.

  1. Boost Brain Power

 A recent study found that a workplace wellness program reduces absenteeism by 89%. It also boosts brain power by producing chemical compounds that increase brain functions like memory recall, cognitive thinking, response time, and decision-making capabilities.

Before you begin planning, you need to consider a few issues so that you understand the challenges your employees have as well as the equipment you need for a fitness facility.

  • How many employees will access this gym?
  • Do you have the space needed to turn an office room into a fitness gym?
  • What type of exercises will your employees engage?
  • Is the site accessible before, during, and after regular operating hours?
  • Do you want gym equipment purchases or gym equipment rentals?
  • Will you buy new or refurbished gym equipment?

As this gym is on-site, you will want to assign someone to manage and oversee class scheduling, training sessions, maintenance, cleaning, and safety protocols. If you are unable to create a plan for a workplace gym, contact us at Fitness Depot Direct for a free facility assessment, or call us at 303-241-0855 to talk with our experts about a commercial gym design.